Second platform

TESTBED1 @ The Doodle Bar | 6 May 2015 | Part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival

Choreography by Agnese Lanza & Julie Havelund, Giulia Tacconi, Mara Vivas and Rosa Manzi Reid, films by Fenia Kotsopoulou and Julie Schmidt Andreasen and art by Bea Bonafini and Laura Elias
Photography by Fenia Kotsopolou and Abigail Yue Wang

The Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform moves in the other direction, displacing the black and white of cultural expectations with the colour of creative realization. Bravo.

Nicholas Minns, Writing about dance


The lack of direction, although at times confusing, added to the element of surprise and increasingly engaged the audience with the work. This was an incredible evening for the artists and audience and a platform that I hope revolutionises contemporary dance.

Rebecca Gwyther, A Younger Theatre


Trace by Mara Vivas

13 Second Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform (36)
Trace by Mara Vivas

Trace is inspired by photographer Jon Crispin’s Willard Asylum Suitcase Project. In his project, Crispin talks about his fascination ‘…by processes where the memory is locked during years or decades in containers you would have expected to be processed sooner.’ The piece explores memory and it’s impact on perception of space. A woman navigates the familiar, sometimes recalling long-buried experiences.


Contemplating Distraction by Rosa Manzi Reid


17 Second Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform (40)
Contemplating Distraction by Rosa Manzi Reid

We attempt to master the art of distraction. We push it until it becomes the art of focus.

Extreme agitation of the mind. Divided attention.
The chosen object of attention versus the source of distraction.
We attempt to master the art of distraction.
We push it until it becomes the art of focus.


The Body Canvas by Julie Schmidt Andreasen and Paul Vernon (film)


JulieSchmidt Film Poster
The Body Canvas by Julie Schmidt Andreasen and Paul Vernon

How can artists be integrated within a performance despite the medium in which they are working? A painter, drawer, filmmaker and dancers move through a series of structured meetings, developing communication and expression. This culmination of months of laboratories is both a fictional piece and a documentary. Featuring fine artists and the London Contemporary Dance School.






Urban Constellations by Fenia Kotsopoulou (film)


30 Second Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform (24)
Urban Constellations by Fenia Kotsopoulou

A video that explores the different relationships between urban space and body, movement and camera, colour and time, inner rhythm and music revealing the hidden forces and common elements interconnected in one combination.




Chance by Giulia Tacconi

32 Second Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform (9)
Chance by Giulia Tacconi

When our body scans and researches movement, the most interesting and satisfying moments are the moments of surprise when the body creates new actions, gestures and feelings. They are so called “chances”, singular and unique moments, extrapolated from research. It is therefore important to state that this performance is not the end result, but part of a larger project about the recognition of that particular moment.


Acts of Attending by Inter Pares Project


41 Second Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform (21)
Acts of Attending by Inter Pares Project

Through acts of describing, listening and remembering we arrive at a particular attentiveness. We draw inspiration from architectural features of the space around us, and the audiences’ poses and movements, elaborating this through movement. This creates a sense of ‘inter pares’ – an equality between us as performers and what surrounds us.


Skin flaps by Bea Bonafini (arts installation)


7 Second Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform (14)
Skin flaps by Bea Bonafini.

Inspired by the tensions, strengths and weaknesses of human relationships, Bea elaborates spaces where psychological, physical or other connections between people are enacted.





Ebb and flow by Laura Elias (arts installation)


27 Second Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform (17)
Ebb and flow by Laura Elias

It offers an alternative and tangible experience to the undulating stream of consciousness present within the movement of the body.





With many thanks to the support of Sup Dhanasunthorn, Justine Kenyon, Cath Mattos, Mark Senior, Laura Sweeney, Zsolti Szabó, The Doodle Bar events team and Emma Bebb, the Wandsworth Arts Team and the Wandsworth Fringe Festival.


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