First network meeting for professional development

Discovering your brand as a choreographer by Megan Preston

As it’s the anniversary of our first network meeting, here’s our write-up of the event. Better late than never 😉 At our very first network meeting in May 2015 Megan Preston spoke to us about discovering our brand as choreographers.

First network meeting (5)

Megan is a lead consultant at ‘Rise Beyond’, and also works on a contract basis with the JUMP Foundation and On Course International supporting individuals and organisations with their personal leadership development. Having successfully founded ‘Dance London’ and ‘Awareness through Dance’ she continues to act in an overseeing role at both companies.

For the meeting Megan prepared a worksheet entitled ‘Discovering your brand as a choreographer’ that we went through together. It contained exercises that helped finding words for your artistic persona as well as your artistic choices and your work’s characteristics.

Megan also gave clear tips on how to project your company, how to target your audience and on developing a network of support for yourself and your company.

While it felt difficult or strange at times to think of a dance company in business terms and of artistic work as a product, it was very helpful to adopt this perspective and to look at your work with different eyes. Following the exercises, tasks and tips in the worksheet was a very useful exercise that can help you identify characteristics of your work and how to communicate them. It will enable you to speak and write about it more effectively, which is very important and can be hard for many dance artists.

First network meeting (11)Megan has kindly agreed for us to share this worksheet with those who couldn’t take part. We invite you take an afternoon off and to go through the worksheet: Discovering your brand as a choreographer by Megan Preston

Any questions and thoughts, please feel free to share!

We wish you happy thinking, questioning, planning and taking action,


Kaleidoscopic Arts

This post was written by Lucia Schweigert.

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