Progress for women choreographers in dance

When it comes to talking about women choreographers in contemporary dance it can be easy to focus solely on identifying problems. Pointing fingers, and raising red flags to inequality is occasionally necessary – after all awareness is the first step to change. However, we here at Kaleidoscopic Arts feel it is just as important to discuss the progress that is occurring within the world of contemporary dance in regards to opportunities for and discussions about female choreographers. We are all fortunate today for the social discussion about women choreographers to even be open. It is through attending new platforms, writing, tweeting, supporting new artists, and holding more discussions that societal norms can evolve. Choreographer, dancer, supporter; whatever you may be the attention to the new positive developments in the scene are going to strengthen the discourse.

That being said here are just some examples that prove our discussion – as a community – is strong. We highly recommend you follow along with these events.

The Bench 2Faced Dance

The Bench: A program announced by 2Faced Dance Company earlier this summer.
“The first of its kind in the UK, The BENCH offers 5 female choreographers working within the UK Arts sector an opportunity to participate in a 9 month programme of training, discussion, debate and mentoring all within a bespoke and creative framework” (2Faced Dance).  
The successful applicants Sharon Watson, Charlotte Vincent, Rosie Kay, Liv Lorent, Kate Flatt, and Tasmin Fitzgerald to work closely with 2Faced Dance on their own choreographic and artistic projects – one of which to be commissioned by the company and toured.

This program was developed in direct response to the unequal opportunities facing female choreographers and has had such a positive response that we can see The BENCH continuing for years to come.

2015 Women In Dance           Leadership Conference

2015 Women is Dance Leadership conference: The first biannual conference in the US for, about, and to celebrate women in dance. The conference/festival intends to reflect on women’s leadership through discussion, lecture and performance. Taking place at Baton Rouge, L.A. this four-day festival beginning on the 29th of October will feature innovative dance, Keynote speakers including Dr. Susan Foster and Dr. Ann Dils, and overall dance film, stage work, and papers by women.

To add to the excitement applications are still open for some artistic areas. We recommend submitting your work to this amazing opportunity if the dates are available to you.
Website and where to apply 

Where are all the women? Young female choreography project. (Eastleigh): A contemporary dance class and choreography workshop where you get to be creative and network with other females and discuss with leading female industry professionals. This workshop takes place on October 26th and is the perfect opportunity for artists in their early choreographic careers.
Book Here

For now we leave you with these three opportunities to follow – we know we are going to be. For updates on these and other discussions for women choreographers, or to let us know about more exciting news and events, follow us and tell us on Twitter and don’t miss our very own opportunity coming up November 10th (see details here.) 

Kaleidoscopic Arts

This post was written by Cecilia Berghäll.

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