Meet the Artists: Jonna Tideman

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform is excited to announce the third interview in a series profiling the upcoming choreographers and artists for our third platform which takes place Tuesday, November 10th at The Galvanisers Union. 

For this interview be the first to hear from one of the two visual artists showcasing work at the platform. 

Jonna Tideman 76KB - Copy Jonna Tideman draws during meetings, on the train, at cafés and at home. Sometimes she just draws in her head and saves it for later. Her work is inspired by people, both strangers and loved ones, feelings, thoughts and other impressions. It all gathers in her body and at some point she needs it to get out, by drawing or dancing. Simple really.

Jonna Tideman lives in Malmö, Sweden. Besides drawing she currently works as a dancer at the Museum of Modern Art and produces her own work ‘Nordiska Väsen’ in which she mixes artistic expressions.

At the third Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform she presents a selection of drawings inviting the viewer to share intimate thoughts and moments with the people depicted.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with Jonna and ask her some questions regarding her work and interest in Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform.

"Sea Wife"
“Sea Wife”

Why did you want to take part in Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform? ­

I simply could not resist such a fantastic opportunity when I was asked to. I love these kind of events and projects. I am inspired by the people putting them together and I wish there were more people in the world who had the spirit, the drive and the creativity to actually make it happen. I think it is a very important and great thing, to put artists of different artistic genres, cultures and backgrounds into the very same room.

What do you enjoy most while creating? ­

Tough question. I think I will have to answer the moment just before the drawing is done, when you can imagine the result, but you know you still have a while to work on it. I love a drawing at the most during the process. When it’s done, it’s somehow out of my hands and even if I can still enjoy it, it’s not quite the same.

"Tjejer i mörkret"
“Tjejer i mörkret”

What do you expect from the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform? How would this help you to develop your work further? ­

I hope people will see my drawings and enjoy them. Maybe they will even buy a print of them, or even better, contact me and ask me to draw something personal. Perhaps someone at the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform likes to draw themselves or has an idea of how drawings could be used in a different context, and would like to do a collaboration. That would be great.

What is your outlook on female choreographers/artists? Do you have a strong opinion? Does your work reflect that opinion? ­

Female choreographers and artists are making their way and I think that’s great. The female point of view is strong and important. However, so is the male. I am of the opinion that hopefully, some day, it won’t be a question of sex anymore. Of course my work reflects upon the issue of male and female, in many different ways.


Why do you do what you do? What does creating art mean to you? Essentially why do you draw? ­

I do it because I want to. I enjoy it and it makes me happy. Somehow I feel like need it, that it extends me beyond myself.

In a discussion about your art what would you like to address? ­

Well, I think it’s more interesting what the viewer would like to address.

Thank you to Jonna for giving us the time to talk about your work. We are excited to see it displayed and honoured to have you represented as an artist for Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform.

For more information on Jonna you can visit the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform website.

To see more of Jonna’s art you can visit her on Instagram

To see her work at Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform you can buy tickets here.

We hope you can make it to the performance and have enjoyed this insight into what is to come.

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform

This post was written by Cecilia Berghäll.

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