Meet the choreographers: Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform is excited to announce the fourth interview in a series profiling the upcoming choreographers and artists for our third platform, which takes place Tuesday, November 10th at The Galvanisers Union. 

Be the first to hear from the choreographers about their work and thoughts, and get an insight into their process and rehearsals.

Anna-Lise Marie Hearn 409KBAnna-Lise Marie Dance is a contemporary dance company creating collaborative and eclectic works that pioneer and challenge movement, thought and articulation of the body. The work of the company is intricate, strong and physically articulate, and aims to challenge and evoke thought and stir an emotion or reaction in those engaging in the work.

Anna-Lise Marie Dance are extremely passionate about collaborating with other creative artists, those working within dance and other areas of the creative industry.

(To read more about Anna-Lise Marie Dance visit the Kaleidoscopic Arts Website.)

Our Physical Intentions (4) copy‘Our Physical Intentions – An extract’ by Anna-Lise Marie Dance

Delving into the way daily occurrences cause impact on our mental and physical state, ‘Our Physical Intentions’ explores the process of how our thoughts directly determine and influence our emotions. This cognitive pattern falls into three stages; Situation – interpretation – emotional and physical reaction (ABC).

Our thoughts can create a magnified reflection of themselves in the form of an emotion, the thought feeds energy to the emotion, which in-turn energises the thought, and a vicious cycle builds up. Honing in on the isolation of thought and emotion, the piece unravels and reveals that by shifting our interpretation we can alter our emotional and physical state. Allow yourself to experience notions of a busy mind, thought and emotion isolation and an absolute ability to reach a present state.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with Anna-Lise and ask her some questions regarding her work and interest in Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform.

Why did you want to take part at Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform?

It’s a really great initiative set up by Konstantina and Lucia and I trained with Lucia so it’s really great to be working with her in this setting. The fact that it supports female choreographers is a really great initiative and its great to be a part of that.

The platform also comes with networking opportunities, talks, and workshops that Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform is offering as a package along side the opportunity to show work. This is really important because it’s not just about giving an opportunity to put work on stage; it is what else they are offering to support you as an artist and you as a choreographer making, working, and trying to build longevity and life beyond the platform. Building a network around that is a really good idea.

They are also keen to invite particular people to the platform who may be able to take the work further. To be a part of a network and to have particular people in the audience who may help develop your work further or give you good feedback is all so beneficial to move forward.

AMD-1What do you enjoy the most while creating? 

I would say being in the studio with my dancers when I am creating and working with them, it feels like that’s where I find my flow, that’s where I am meant to be. And, I would say seeing the dancers develop throughout the process is something I am really interested in; how I can give and they can give and we find ourselves in this really interesting place. It’s definitely very much a two-way thing. Also going on a journey together, delving into an idea and not letting go, not necessarily knowing where that’s going to go and being quite open about that.

Another thing I absolutely love with creating work is collaborating with other artists, those who are working in dance and those working within other areas of the creative industries.

I work very closely with a designer and she helps me a lot with visual elements. Additionally composers and other creators – so it’s bringing all those layers together that is really exciting.

Also developing artists. Really delving into who I’m working with and what I can get from them and really pulling that out.
AMD-5What do you expect from your participation at Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform. How will this help you to develop your work further?

I think from there being a Q&A I’m going to be able to gather information from the audience that will help me take the work further. I have carefully selected questions that I am interested in being answered not from myself but being answered by the audience I don’t want to be selfish with the work it’s very important to keep thinking that it is work that I want to share and I want to build an audience for it so the feedback from the Q&A will allow me to better communicate the piece.

I’ve been interested in taking this particular piece out of a theatre setting and taking it into an interesting venue and with Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform being in such an interesting venue it’s going to allow me to see the piece in a different way. Not feeling disconnected from the work, being a lot closer to the dancers, being a lot closer to the performance, that is what I am really excited about.

I’d say also being part of Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform as a whole has allowed me to find a new network of artists, and also building an audience for my work and establishing a good relationship with Lucia and Konstantina because they are really advocating for female choreographers and I think that it is an amazing initiative that they have set up. I am definitely wanting to be a part of that.

What is your outlook on female choreographers? Do you have a strong opinion? Does your work reflect that opinion? 

I find this question quite difficult because I’m definitely aware that this is really hot topic at the moment and I think there are some really incredible initiatives being set up because of that, this being one of them. I feel very aware that I am a female working in a role that has a lot of strong male figures. And I don’t feel hindered by that, I just feel aware of it and I do want to see females in a more established place. I feel like there are a lot of incredible female choreographers working that don’t have that reputation and maybe I would like to see a switch in that. My company is all female which isn’t on purpose it just worked that way and I value that it has become this very strong female company that I love, but I wouldn’t say that my work is purposefully female oriented. I just value the powerful females that I work with and I definitely still very much respect my male counter parts. I’d like to be working as a choreographer in the future where there isn’t a hierarchy and we don’t need to be shining a light on either gender. These initiatives are great but I don’t want there to be a reason for it. I would like to find an equal place and a mutual respect. I would like to be working as a choreographer when that happens.

AMD-4Why do you do what you do? What does choreographing mean to you? Essentially why do you choreograph? 

Big question. I would say that it breaks down into three main things. The one biggest thing is that is comes from a really real place. I genuinely love it, it’s a real passion of mine and I have always been a maker. When I am in the studio everything feels right and that it’s where I am meant to be and what I’m meant to be doing.

Second is that I love developing and working with other artists and collaborating. Inspiring other people and being inspired. I love seeing an artist develop and grow and that is also why I love teaching. You work with people and you see them develop and grow.

My third reason is because as artists and as people our creative ideas are the product of our view of the world so my work and what I make I want to share and I think it’s important to share your work and connect to as many people as possible. I think it is important to connect with people in general. The work I create and my choreographic voice – I really want to share that and connect to other people and take them on a journey and not be selfish with the work. I think that’s why I like dance films so much because it is really accessible.

In a discussion about your work what would you want to address?

Where do you see the piece being performed? (Venue/location/setting)

Are there any words you would use to describe how the piece left you feeling?

Did the costumes connect to the themes of the piece?

Thank you to Anna-Lise for giving us the time to talk about your work. We are excited to see it performed and honoured to have you represented as a choreographer for Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform.

For more information on Anna-Lise you can visit her website.

To see her work at Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform you can buy tickets here.

We hope you can make it to the performance and have enjoyed this insight into what is to come.

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform

This post was written by Cecilia Berghäll.

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