Resolution 2016

The New Year has just begun and that means The Place’s Resolution season is around the corner. It gives emerging choreographers the opportunity to perform their work in a prestigious contemporary dance theatre in front of a large audience and audiences can dive into the most current, bold and new dance out there. We hope our selection inspires you to see work at this year’s ‘festival of new dance’.

Friday, 8.1.

Crystal Zillwood/ Traceworks/ Sarah Louise Kristiansen

This year’s Resolution season starts off with Sarah Louise Kristiansen, Crystal Zillwood and Traceworks. Sarah Louise has recently presented ‘Metallic Limbs’ at our third Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform. Isaac Ouro-Gnao of ‘Gender in Dance’ described the work as “powerfully emotive” and we don’t expect anything less from ‘An Apple a day’, which was first presented at RichMix in 2014 and has been reworked with a larger cast and set to a new, original score for Resolution 2016.


‘An Apple a Day’ by Sarah Louise Kristiansen



Our very own website developer, blogger and general assistant Cecilia Berghäll will be performing in it, too!

‘An Apple a Day’ is a lyrical story of despair, loneliness and an effort to make sense of the most human experience in the world: losing love.



Friday, 15.1.

Animal Radio/ ISH by moi/ Neus Gil Cortes

Neus Gil Cortes is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in UK who is originally from Valencia, Spain. She has worked with Dance Works Rotterdam, National Dance Company Wales  and Hofesh Shechter Company. Neus is also an experienced teacher for workshops, intensives and master classes to both professionals and students with a range of ages and abilities.

Her work ‘Here Body’ is an interactive, intimate dance piece where feelings about loss and death coexist with a celebration of life. Could the limitation of time make us enjoy living even more?


Tuesday, 19.1.

Lizzie J Klotz/ Maria Fonseca/ What Is Written Dance Company

‘To Suit’ by Lizzie J Klotz is a dance-theatre exploration of the relationship between men and women. You have most recently seen it at our last Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform, where Isaac Ouro-Gnao said it was “a unique and brilliant piece of theatre” that was “nothing short of brilliant”.


Lizzie is a Newcastle based dance artist, working on various choreography, performance and participation projects throughout the UK, with companies such as Rosie Kay Dance Company, State of Grace, Lo-Giudice Dance, Bait and Northumberland Arts Development. Developed through an investigation into human communication, ‘To Suit’ draws comparisons to animal courtship rituals, specifically the behaviour of birds.

On the same night you will be treated to Maria Fonseca’s ‘Idade’. The work embodies a subject that everyone experiences and struggles to accept – growing old. It’s an infinite dance of transformation.



Wednesday, 20.1.

Justine Reeve and Company /Rhiannon Brace Dance/ Simone Mousset

All choreographers tonight are mothers. Will that affect their work we wonder? What do you think?


‘Their Past’ by Simone Mousset


Simone Mousset is a choreographer from Luxembourg.


Her work ‘Their Past’ is inspired by her experiences of traveling, living and working in Russia, Ukraine and Lebanon.

It shows the fragile arrival of a contemporary dancer in the mysterious land of folklore. Guided by local inhabitants in red, whirling skirts, she journeys through time – responding with ever-increasing confidence to the bold symphonic scores of Russian composer Yuri Khanon. Strangely insistent, hypnotic even, Khanon’s music supports, leads and urges the bodies onwards in space: bodies whirl gently, joyfully, urgently, buoyantly – in pursuit or in abandon – towards the inevitable ending…


Friday, 22.1.

Feet off the Ground Dance/Maria Lothe & Rachel Blomberg/Unity Dance Company UK


Feet off the Ground Dance


We were invited to see the performance collective Feet off the Ground Dance last autumn and can’t wait to see their latest work ‘Éter’.


It is a powerful, subtle piece about the world of four women. Atmospheric shifts are accentuated by a live musician and captivating lighting states.

Feet off the Ground Dance create work that is physical, spontaneous and engaging, and is rooted in the art forms of Contact Improvisation and Partnering techniques.

We saw ‘Passenger’ in Autumn and enjoyed the sense of connection, joy and trust among the dancers.




Wednesday, 27.1.

Spun Through Shadows Collective/Mahar & Mielech/Jayne Port

Jayne Port spent 2014 and 2015 in residency at 40 Clarence Mews where she engaged in an investigation of the rhythm of words and text that cause and prompt movement and vice versa. One of the results is her latest work ‘People We Didn’t Quite Meet’.

1451497805 Jayne Port

‘People We Didn’t Quite Meet’ by Jayne Port


Loose lips sink ships, the fridge, short by nature, pregnant elephant, the shuffle, don’t give me that paper, Russian dolls, ice age penguins, the hat judge; all things seen or heard during the mundane journeying through the urban landscape. Assembled for your amusement, this collision of harvested moments shines a light on the dull and the everyday, morphing them into a kaleidoscope of intrigue and wit. Seeking the bizarre within the banal, these snippets set out to retell verbatim, but get a little bit silly along the way.


Thursday 28.1.

M Contemporary Dance Company/Konstantina Skalionta/Friction Dance Theatre

Konstantina Skalionta is a London-based freelance choreographer, dance artist and teacher from Cyprus. She is of course also one of the founders and producers of this very platform 😉

CX5P8XnWMAAwmqA.jpg large

‘Be My Home’ by Konstantina Skalionta in collaboration with Laura Elias


Her latest work ‘Be My Home’ is an intimate solo that reflects on the different houses we live in throughout our lives, the shelters that we seek to inhabit and the emotional meaning of home. It is a collaboration with fine artist and prop maker Laura Elias.



Tuesday, 9.2.

Drishti Dance/Bridget Lappin/Laura Obiols

Bridget Lappin is a contemporary dance artist based in London. In ‘The Art of Exposure’ a solo performer adopts the persona of a ninja. Drawing on pop culture and personal psychology, she hides herself in plain view. How do you see her?


Thursday, 11.2.

Richard Chappell Dance/Jodie Cole/Grace Bowen


‘I am not in Love’ by Jodie Cole


Jodie Cole is a London based dance artist creating thought provoking work through the use of voice, movement and props. ‘I am not in Love’ is a dialogue with the audience about relationships, sexuality, and longing. It is a candid, and sometimes uncomfortably honest, autobiographical work that challenges its audience.



Friday, 19.2.

Salah El Brogy Company/Yukiko Masui/Pro-Motion

Yukiko Masui is a London based Japanese dancer and choreographer who works cross discipline in dance. She is also one of the members of the first Dance Committee for Equity.

In ‘It Takes Two Too’ she asks ‘Can a woman lead? Can a man follow?’ The work explores the possibilities of equality by deconstructing the strict gender roles of Latin dance and unboxing humans from traditional limitations.


Still not sure what to watch? Take the Resolution quiz and read up on all the work presented with the link below:

Resolution 2015_Chris Nash

Wishing you all the best for the New Year,

Kaleidoscopic Arts

This post was written by Lucia Schweigert.

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