Third network meeting for professional development

Part II: Where can we present work?

For our third network meeting in March 2016 we invited all attendants to think back at the opportunities they had taken part in and to share their experiences with each other. The meeting was a lively exchange and we’d like to pass on some of the insights to those who weren’t able to join. This is Part II “Where can we present work?” Click here for Part I “Where can we develop work?”

The purpose of the meeting and this write-up is to invite you to think proactively about the opportunities you apply for and to make informed decisions. Each and every opportunity we present is valuable and useful and has great advantages, but it may not fit everyone’s needs. There are of course many more opportunities out there and if you would like to share your experience of a particular programme or opportunity with your peers or you have points to add to the information below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can add the information to this informal database.

Blue Cloud Scratch Night at Blue Elephant Theatre


Brighton Fringe Festival

  • Smaller and closer Fringe than Edinburgh Fringe
  • Anyone can participate
  • Apply with the festival pack on the website
  • Performances in non-traditional spaces are possible
  • Benefit from feeling a huge buzz and a very receptive community in Brighton
  • Benefit from several performance opportunities
  • Find your own venue
  • Find your audience (e.g. with the help of the venue you work in)
  • Carry out your own marketing and advertising
  • Take part:


Dance Springs


Emerge Festival at The Space Theatre Mudchute London


GoLive Festival

  • Personally curated by Donald Hutera who cares deeply and passionately about the artists he chooses to work with
  • Also open for submissions by email
  • Benefit from honest and on-going support by Donald Hutera
  • Benefit from being added to his mailing list of opportunities
  • Benefit from taking your work on tour with travel expenses covered and a box office split at some venues if possible
  • Benefit from invited audiences and artists and the potential to make further connections and receive further opportunities
  • Benefit from good press coverage


Resolution at The Robin Howard Theatre

  • Huge festival of new dance
  • See your work in one of the most prestigious dance theatres in Europe
  • Learn to produce your own work
  • Benefit from workshops before and after the festival
  • Benefit from reviewers seeing and writing about your work
  • Benefit from industry audiences and the potential to make further connections and receive further opportunities
  • Evolution choreographers benefit from 10-40 hours free rehearsal space over the Christmas break

Consider the following:

  • Financial responsibility and responsibility to fill the space is shared with the other artists on your night
  • Read your contract well and be aware of your responsibilities, decide if it’s for you
  • Be prepared, proactive and plan your production well
  • Communicate your needs with The Place, the videographers, etc.
  • Ticket prices for your audience may feel high
  • 3 month rule of not performing your piece in/near London (however The Place can be flexible)
  • Schedule your time so you can benefit from the free rehearsal space (Evolution artists)
  • Having to pull out may mean having to pay a fee
  • Information about the last event:


Wonderful Wednesday at Colchester Arts Centre


Further opportunities not discussed in much detail

  • 1-week residency with Charlotte Vincent – very helpful
  • Stories of London and Women of Mass Destruction at Rich Mix – supportive environment, great venue, networking sessions
  • Counterpoint curated and produced by Julia Gleich – contemporary ballet and point work
  • The Prince’s Trust – free business mentoring for 18-30 year olds, learn about marketing, tax, SEO, contacts, receive a mentor
  • Sarah Trist – tour booking mentor (specialised in dance), receive 5 sessions for £300, recommended and very worth it
  • DRIFT Residency – theatre training is facilitated, tasks and challenges, you learn a lot
  • Fresh Works at the Young Vic – more theatre than dance
  • Artsadmin – free mentoring run by Chris Grady, pay what you can to receive 1 hour of mentoring, receive valuable industry contacts


These are some of the themes that were raised during the session that we invite you to reflect upon for yourself:

  • Do you feel lonely when producing your work? When do you feel this way and what can you do to alleviate it? (Join our meetings 🙂 )
  • Is an opportunity paid or not? Do you receive quality support? In what other ways might you benefit from the opportunity? Is this opportunity worth it for you? Be aware of your choices.
  • Is there an energy specific to London that makes you feel under pressure?
  • Have you considered mentorship? What might you gain?
  • How often do you want to and how often do you get to perform your piece? Consider its longevity and growth.
  • Think about it from the producer’s perspective, the difficulty of their choice, the amount of applications and inquiries they get, the costs they have, the funding they (don’t) have. Remember that producers are people too.


Wishing everyone all the best for their practice, great opportunities and the ability to take full advantage of them,

Kaleidoscopic Arts

This post was written by Lucia Schweigert.

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