Being champions for each other

A look back at the open space event on gender and (in)equality in the dance industry organised by Cloud Dance Festival

At the beginning of the year Cloud Dance Festival organised an open space event on gender and (in)equality in the dance industry. The direct results so far are the Blue Cloud Scratch Night, regular catch-up sessions to keep the momentum going and a very useful website, within which we find the ‘Action Points’ page particularly valuable. Make sure you also navigate to ‘What next?’ if you’re interested in joining the discussion. At the end of the event all attendants were very fired up and committed to making contributions even if small scale or very personal. Here at Kaleidoscopic Arts we believe in continuous action and we think long-term. Of all the action points brought forward, we have identified several that Kaleidoscopic Arts can contribute to.

We feel that the points below are what we have begun doing at Kaleidoscopic Arts and we are dedicated to continuing them:

  • Be champions for each other and help each other within our network of emerging female choreographers
  • Provide support by writing about choreographers and giving them the opportunity to be interviewed
  • Collaborate with unusual venues

The following points are ideas we will investigate throughout 2016 and beyond to improve our work:

  • Collaborations with fringe venues
  • Industry nights for producers and reviewers
  • Opening discussions with programmers who we feel able to approach

It was also discussed how nowhere publishes small-scale dance listings any more as ‘Time Out’ used to do. This is the idea that was brought forward that we feel we can contribute to in a small way in the nearer future. It will take us a little longer to figure out how we can do this in the best, most efficient and most sustainable way possible, but we’re looking forwards to increasing our efforts:

  • We will help to increase the visibility of small-scale work and to make it more accessible to critical acclaim by publishing a two-monthly list of small scale dance events involving female choreographers on our blog. We hope to be able to give those writers and reviewers, who are interested in attending and writing about small scale dance, a starting point from where to choose what to go and see.

Find all the identified action points following this link and make sure to check out the other pages too:

Find out more and apply to the Blue Cloud Scratch Night:

With the best wishes for a dance world with choreography from all parts of society,

Kaleidoscopic Arts

This post was written by Lucia Schweigert.

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