General articles and literature about female choreographers

The unequal representation of female choreographers on large and/or mainstream stages has been discussed in the media and in dance literature. Please click on the category “Female choreographers in media & literature” to view further selections.

We hope this and the other selections help you gain an overview, serve as a snapshot of a particular time and space and encourage you to explore further.


General articles and literature

1976 and 2016: Are Women Dancers Still Discriminated Against? By Wendy Perron

1982: Why Women Dominate Modern Dance by Roger Copeland in The New York Times

2008: Female Choreographers Face Slippery Career Steps by Angeli R. Rasbury in Women’s E News

2013: Why are women choreographers two steps behind the lords of the dance? by Judith Mackrell in The Guardian

2013: Sexism in dance: where are all the female choreographers? by Luke Jennings in The Observer

2013: Dance…this is a man’s world by Katie Colombus in The Stage

2013: Where are the Female Choreographers? Panel Discussion by One Dance UK

2015: How can we give female choreographers a lift? Join Rambert’s debate by Judith Mackrell in The Guardian

2015: Dance must overcome ‘condescending’ attitude to female choreographers by Georgia Snow in The Stage

2016: The Strange Case of the Missing Choreographers… by Teresa Guerreiro in Ballet Position

2016: Sexism In Dance: Where Are All The Female Choreographers? by Rachel Moss in Huffington Post

2016: Ballet Has A Sexism Problem, And Even Its Brightest Stars Don’t Know How To Solve It By Chloe Angyal in Huffington Post

2016: At the top of theatre: Where are all the women? By Lily Kelting in Exberliner


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