Articles about “The Akram Khan row” from early 2016

The unequal representation of female choreographers on large and/or mainstream stages has been discussed in the media and in dance literature. Please click on the category “Female choreographers in media & literature” to view further selections.

We hope this and the other selections help you gain an overview, serve as a snapshot of a particular time and space and encourage you to explore further.


“The Akram Khan row” in early 2016

Akram Khan: ‘Don’t have more female choreographers for the sake of it’ by Georgia Snow in The Stage

You’re wrong, Akram. We do need more female choreographers by Luke Jennings in The Observer

I’m having trouble finding an anti-woman conspiracy in dance by Ismene Brown in The Spectator

Akram Khan backlash as 400 sign open letter following female choreographer comments by Georgia Snow in The Stage

Choreography row: Akram Khan responds by Georgia Snow in The Stage

Feature: Writing from Silence by A Transnational Collective of Dance Scholars and Artists of Colour in London Dance

Arlene Phillips: ‘Female choreographers must stand their ground’ by Matthew Hemley in The Stage

Constructing Success by Anita Wadsworth on Jigsaw Glue


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