A positive spin on negative feedback

Whether you’re the one giving or receiving negative feedback the situation can be awkward and uncomfortable, but as performers, choreographers, and producers of dance and art the conversation is inevitable.

In many discussions regarding female choreographers the topic of being precious of one’s work has come up. Many women admit that perhaps an innate part of their way of working is becoming very attached to their work. This is of course a generalisation, but is the female sex not biologically programmed to deeply care about what we have made? With that Pandora’s box open, here are some simple reminders about showing your work and taking in negative feedback positively.


It is fine to be precious about your work, but instead of seeing negative feedback as painful, look at it as important.


If your work is reviewed poorly, it does not mean that your work is bad.


Take the feedback to help you grow.


Show your work double the amount that you already do, it will only help you.


The more you show your work, the more your ratio of bad to good feedback becomes statistically viable.


Your work is yours, but it is not you.


And finally here are some articles that inspired this little dose of positivity.

How to Deliver Difficult Feedback to People, Bel Booker

People Who Got a Late Start, Sammy James


Much Love,

Kaleidoscopic Arts



This post was written by Cecilia Berghäll.

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