Why focus on female choreographers?

Women were the founding mothers of modern dance and well into the 1980s women lead the development of modern and post-modern dance. A New York Times article by eminent dance writer Roger Copeland in 1980 gives a good introduction to the domination of women in the modern and post-modern dance world.

Contemporary dance on the contrary seems to be dominated, not in quality and quantity, but in publicity and popularity, by male choreographers. Various attempts have been made at explaining this situation, it has been discussed numerous times and most recently The Bench, a comprehensive professional development programme for female choreographers, has been founded.

We believe that a crucial step forward is for audiences to see work by female choreographers, and that’s why we organise performance platforms in exciting venues. We also get emerging female choreographers together and discuss our work, our vision and the obstacles we may encounter.

We proactively carve out and share knowledge and opportunities.

Join us in our endeavours!

This post was written by Lucia Schweigert.

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