A little bit of sadness and a lot of pride

Today we announce that Kaleidoscopic Arts will close its doors for an indefinite amount of time. We feel sad to let it go and also extremely proud of what we have achieved.

Kaleidoscopic Arts was born out of our need for connection, encouragement and respect at the vulnerable stage of being an early career female choreographer. We learnt by doing and have put together five fantastic dance events, seven professional development meetings and five work-in-progress sharings between November 2014 and April 2018.

Along the way, artists have found each other to collaborate on artistic endeavours, learnt about all the work they have to stay on top of outside of their artistic work and connected with key supporters of their work: fellow artists, producers and dance writers.

Time to celebrate

Instead of feeling too sad, we celebrate the successes, connections, careers and collaborations that were born at Kaleidoscopic Arts Platforms.

We also celebrate the courage, enthusiasm and strength it takes to embark on a career in dance and choreography.

Supporting the next generation

Our website will live on at https://kaleidoscopic-arts.co.uk. It will serve 1) as a documentation of our work and the time we operated in and 2) as a source of information and support. Over the years we have interviewed interesting artists, shared valuable insights and resources and documented all our work.

We encourage lecturers, teachers, fellow artists, producers, alumni and others to let people know about the resources available. Why should everyone always have to start from zero? We hope that the knowledge we have gathered will continue to serve choreographers at the beginning of their careers and we’re here for them if they’d like to have a chat or even find out about putting on their own showcase. We would love to share what we have learnt along the way to help them have a good start into this beautiful career and way of life.

Our Facebook page and Twitter account will rest but stay in existence as documentation.

Staying in touch

Do stay in touch and follow our journey through dance. You can get in touch with us personally (https://www.skalionta.com/contact and https://lucidezdance.com/contact/) and on Facebook and Twitter.

We want you to stay in touch. We will always support fellow dance artists through catching up, talking things through, being there for each other and encouraging each other.

Thank you

And last but not least, we do shed some tears as we’re writing this. Kaleidoscopic Arts and the people we have worked with and worked for have meant so much to us, still mean so much to us. We love seeing what you are doing, seeing your successes and knowing that we were part of your journey. Thank you to all the artists and everyone who supported us along the way, thank you to everyone who gave their time and experience to support other artists and everyone who helped on the bars, with the wardrobes and all those many, many things.

With love, admiration and the very best wishes,

Konstantina and Lucia


PS: The picture was the very first one we took of ourselves on the day that we went to our first venue 🙂

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