ArtsKaleid is the official blog of the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform. Here you will not only find updates and history of the platform, but also a discussion about women choreographers in dance and other posts that relate to Kaleidoscopic Arts’ mission.

Through interviews, opinions, and overviews we hope to draw attention and raise the voice of women choreographers in dance.

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform  is a platform for showcasing dance works by emerging female choreographers. Each platform takes place in an unconventional space and opens the floor for a post-performance Q&A.

Seccond Platform Testbest @TheDoodleBar
Post-performance Q&A at the second Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform. Photo: Abigail Yue Wang.

Each of these elements contributes to opening a dialogue between audience and artists. By presenting a professional production and showcasing high quality work, Kaleidoscopic Arts hopes to increase audiences’ understanding of contemporary dance and seriously participate in a social discussion about female choreographers’ works.

15.09.25. 2nd network meeting (13) - Copy
Julia Gleich speaks at the second Kaleidoscopic Artists network meeting.

Kaleidoscopic Arts also provides professional development and networking opportunities for female choreographers.

Visit our website kaleidoscopic-arts.co.uk to learn more. Find us on Twitter and Facebook too.


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