Being champions for each other

A look back at the open space event on gender and (in)equality in the dance industry organised by Cloud Dance Festival

At the beginning of the year Cloud Dance Festival organised an open space event on gender and (in)equality in the dance industry. The direct results so far are the Blue Cloud Scratch Night, regular catch-up sessions to keep the momentum going and a very useful website, within which we find the ‘Action Points’ page particularly valuable. Make sure you also navigate to ‘What next?’ if you’re interested in joining the discussion. At the end of the event all attendants were very fired up and committed to making contributions even if small scale or very personal. Here at Kaleidoscopic Arts we believe in continuous action and we think long-term. Of all the action points brought forward, we have identified several that Kaleidoscopic Arts can contribute to.

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Third network meeting for professional development

Part II: Where can we present work?

For our third network meeting in March 2016 we invited all attendants to think back at the opportunities they had taken part in and to share their experiences with each other. The meeting was a lively exchange and we’d like to pass on some of the insights to those who weren’t able to join. This is Part II “Where can we present work?” Click here for Part I “Where can we develop work?”

The purpose of the meeting and this write-up is to invite you to think proactively about the opportunities you apply for and to make informed decisions. Each and every opportunity we present is valuable and useful and has great advantages, but it may not fit everyone’s needs. There are of course many more opportunities out there and if you would like to share your experience of a particular programme or opportunity with your peers or you have points to add to the information below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can add the information to this informal database.

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