On sacrifice, opportunity, bureaucracy and bringing about change

Susan Kempster’s work ‘Black Widow’ was showcased as part of this year’s Resolution, The Place’s annual festival for emerging artists. Amongst other themes the piece tackles the issue that dance artists do very little dancing, but lots of other work. It is part of our mission to enable artists to grow artistically and to help them understand and be efficient with all the other work they need to do to make their career work. Therefore we wanted to hear more about Susan’s ideas.

17.05.04. Blog Susan_Kempster_15Feb_Black_Widow_N.Minns_
Susan Kempster and Nicholas Minns in ‘Black Widow’

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Emerging or ‘Impressing the Grand Duke’

As part of Resolution 2017, The Place’s annual festival for emerging artists, Simone Mousset and Elisabeth Schilling performed ‘Impressing the Grand Duke’, a piece about everything to do with the process of “emerging”. Since Kaleidoscopic Arts’ mission includes supporting emerging artists, we wanted to know more about Elisabeth’s and Simone’s ideas.

Photo: Bohumil Kostohryz

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Third network meeting for professional development

Part II: Where can we present work?

For our third network meeting in March 2016 we invited all attendants to think back at the opportunities they had taken part in and to share their experiences with each other. The meeting was a lively exchange and we’d like to pass on some of the insights to those who weren’t able to join. This is Part II “Where can we present work?” Click here for Part I “Where can we develop work?”

The purpose of the meeting and this write-up is to invite you to think proactively about the opportunities you apply for and to make informed decisions. Each and every opportunity we present is valuable and useful and has great advantages, but it may not fit everyone’s needs. There are of course many more opportunities out there and if you would like to share your experience of a particular programme or opportunity with your peers or you have points to add to the information below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can add the information to this informal database.

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Resolution 2016

The New Year has just begun and that means The Place’s Resolution season is around the corner. It gives emerging choreographers the opportunity to perform their work in a prestigious contemporary dance theatre in front of a large audience and audiences can dive into the most current, bold and new dance out there. We hope our selection inspires you to see work at this year’s ‘festival of new dance’.

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Meet the choreographers: Lizzie J Klotz

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform is excited to announce the second interview in a series profiling the upcoming choreographers and artists for our third platform which takes place Tuesday, November 10th at The Galvanisers Union. 

Be the first to hear from the choreographers about their work and thoughts, and get an insight into their process and rehearsals.

CSUkF4sW0AAFQlfLizzie J Klotz: As an independent dance artist and filmmaker based in the North East of England, Lizzie is working on various performance, participation and choreography projects within the region, with companies such as State of Grace, Lo-Giudice Dance, Kelly Abbott Dance Theatre, Late to the Conversation, Bait and Northumberland Arts Development. (To read a full biography of Lizzie you can visit the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform website)

Lizzie’s work is marked by an interest in human behaviour, exploring actions, reactions and interactions of the everyday. Working in both live and video performance, she is interested in combining elements of dance, text and song. She creates sensitive, humorous and thought-provoking work. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally throughout Europe, the Middle East and South America.

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