Reflections on your work and its presentations

Interview with Elisabeth Schilling

Before each platform we ask our participating artists to reflect on a few questions about their work and about their participation with Kaleidoscopic Arts. We then film an interview with them on the performance day and you can find interviews with Feet off the Ground Dance, Helen Cox, Jayne Port and Lucidez Dance from our last platform over on our Vimeo channel.

However, Elisabeth Schilling, who presented the photography exhibition STADTKÖRPER, which she curated and co-created with a group of photographers, flew into the performance later in the evening and so we didn’t get a chance to film an interview. We didn’t want to miss a chance to catch up with her though and so you can now read her thoughts right here! 

STADTKÖRPER at the Fourth Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform; Photograph: Liz Gorman

Q: What did you find essential or what was unique about the creative development of this particular work?

A: It was very special for me to meet all those different photographers. We spent an intensive time together in Berlin, chose the sights carefully together. We had a very good, very curious and energetic time. Many of them showed me very special sights and places that I have never been to, never heard of. So I got the chance to get to know the city in greater depths. It was precious to have the opportunity to delve into the artistic practices of such diverse artists in this short time. Every photographer had a different aesthetic and way of working and it was interesting to respond to those various perspectives in my dance.

Q: What was your biggest struggle or biggest personal achievement or both with this work?

A: The biggest personal achievement in this project for me is to have been able to show it in quite a lot of places – it is a travelling exhibition! Next to this, it was just an incredible success that one of the pictures was chosen to be shown at the Saatchi Gallery last year, where it can still be seen up to date.

Q: If an audience member were to take just one thing away from seeing the exhibition what would you want it to be?

A: The picture with the big foot. I am not a big fan of it artistically and it is actually just part of the exhibition as it is colourful. All pictures which I believe to be more artistically interesting are rather grey or black and white, so I had to make a compromise to get some colour into the work, to show contrast and diversity.

Q: What do you expect from your participation at Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform. How will this help you to develop your work further?

A: I am extremely grateful to be able to work with Lucia and Konstantina, I think they are just two incredible women, with an astonishing vision, an inspiring drive, a passion for the art form and female artists that I am so proud to be part of by presenting my work here.

Thank you for those kind and encouraging words and for sharing your thoughts on STADTKÖRPER. We wish you the best of luck with your present and future projects!

The interview was led by Lucia Schweigert and Konstantina Skalionta. We hope this interview as well as the ones over on our Vimeo inspire reflections on your own work.

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